DJ Sammy is back in the game. After an almost seven-year hiatus, the Mallorcan global superstar returned to the airwaves this summer with “This Is Who We Are” his brilliant collaboration with Chloe Marin. The track swiftly entered the dance charts and is now being heard regularly on radios worldwide. Refusing to rest on his laurels, the iconic DJ and “Heaven” producer is set to release his next incredible number: “I Fly With You!”

His worldwide breakthrough arrived in 2001 with “Heaven”. The track sold more than 2 million records across Europe and Australia and landed at number 2 in the United States – US HOT 100 billboards, before hitting the number 1 spot in the influential UK charts in 2002. Follow up track “The For his new track, the Balearic based DJ welcomed back a hugely important singer and very important person for him into the studio: Miss van der Kolk. Her signature voice is one of the most successful in all of dance music. Together they previously conquered the charts countless times around the world. And after several years apart they have reconnected to release feel good track of the summer “I Fly With You”.

For his latest production „This Is Who We Are“, the Mallorcan star DJ brought the Australian Chloe Marin to the studio. In 2017, Chloe met dance DJ Sammy and Miss van der Kolk have adopted a true dance anthem for their collaboration, requiring no explanation “I Fly With You” is an uplifting track of the freshest variety, and with it being produced in the Slap-House style of dance, it will rocket up the charts to become a global floor-filler for years to come.