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"Sunlight" is one of DJ Sammy's most favorite songs. The track was released in 2002 on his Heaven album, which sold millions of records. With #6 in Scotland, #8 in the UK charts, #12 in Belgium, #21 in Ireland, #28 in the Netherlands, #40 in Australia and #50 in Germany, the song was also extremely successful as a single.

Now "Sunlight" is back with fresh mixes and DJ Sammy sends the sun out of Palma de Mallorca into our hearts during the fall. Loona sang the vocals for Sunlight (2020) again, which gives the track a very special note and feeling. "Sunlight is essential for us and our well-being. When the sun shines, we feel good. We feel happy and smile. That was exactly the spirit when we first wrote and produced the song. And that is exactly what we need once again. Positive thoughts in this difficult time. With the light of the sun we immediately feel a lot better," says the Majorcan DJ-star.

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DJ Sammy and Miss van der Kolk have adopted a true dance anthem for their collaboration, requiring no explanation
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DJ Sammy and Miss van der Kolk just released a true dance anthem!
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